Friday, May 23, 2008

The Girls

I babysit these beautiful girls. I was shooting in their neighborhood so they came over for some photographic fun. :)

Sheri's Garden

My friend Sheri has a beautiful garden in her back yard. She wanted some pictures of it so she can still look at her gorgeous flowers in the winter when nothing is growing. I had so much fun in her back yard!

Just for Fun


My family is living (at least for now) on the Caribbean island, St. Kitts. It's far away...but it sure is a great place to visit! :) I got to see their new home in February 2008.

My brother is amazing on a wakeboard:

My parents have a boat and they love to go to this cove to swim and snorkel. The water is perfectly clear, you can see all the way to the's about 25 feet deep:

While I was there, my mom and I took a side trip to St. Martin:

Thursday, May 22, 2008


While in Puerto Rico in April, 2008, I took my brothers and sister out to the beach for a photo fun!

Puerto Rico 4.2008

In April, I met my mom, brothers and sister in Puerto Rico for four days...a wealth of photographic opportunity. Take a look:

La Cascada Mina: a waterfall in El Yunque, the Puerto Rican rainforest

My sister, Ruthie...she's pretty easy to photograph because she's so stinking beautiful:

Finally, the beach outside the condo where we stayed: