Thursday, May 22, 2008

Shiloh Photography

So, this is it; this is my entry into the world of professional creativity.

A little about me: I love art. I've always loved drawing, coloring, painting, writing, lettering...but only the last few years have I begun to do it seriously. And, only in the last few years have I come to realize what a vital part of who I am it is. I sleep better at night if I've done something creative during the day.

I shoot with an Olympus E-volt, E-500. She's my baby. I love her.

The name: Shiloh Photography.

I love words, their meanings and spellings and everything about words. 'Shiloh' has a double meaning for me. Shiloh, as a name, means 'His gift,' and that to it's very core is what photography is for me: a gift from God...not just the ability to take photos, but also the joy and beauty I find in looking at other's photos (particularly these: Achor and Eden). Shiloh, also, is a place mentioned in 1 Samuel 1. Shiloh is where the Lord took Hannah and promised her what her heart longed for. He didn't fulfill her promise there, that came later.

I am Hannah, Peru is my Shiloh and Ecuador is the promise that the Lord is fulfilling for me.

So, visit this blog to see what my camera and I are up to!

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